1. Duty Free Transaction


Notice from Kurosawa Musical Instrument Store

Duty Free Transaction Information


JAPAN Tax-free Shop

We are Authorized TAX FREE shop!

We offer two methods of purchase for international customers!

➀ Purchase at our stores(walk in customers)


Non Consumable commodities : over 5,000 JPY purchase
Consumable commodities : over 5,000 JPY purchase
Purchase for resale or commercial use is inapplicable.
Required a copy of your passport in case of over 1,000,000 JPY purchase per day.

Definition of non-resident
➊ Person who does not live in Japan
➋ Tour iststaying Japan with in 6 months

➊ Foreign cooperation belongs to oversea
➋ Oversea branch from Japanese cooperation
➌ Foreign Government or International organization having property in Japan.

Consumable commodities defined in our store are:
Liquid Battery Spray
Rosin Wax Cream Other items that can be consumed.
※String,Pick,Parts categorized as Non Consumable commodities

[ Attention International Travelers : PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY ]

➁ Purchase from our online store(Export from Japan)

If you purchase through our website Japanese consumption tax will be deducted.

【 Our International Shipping Policy 】

  1. We ship worldwide
  2. All business must be done by Japanese Yen.(Wire Transfer or PayPal)
  3. Customer is responsible for taxes&duties in owncountry.
  4. We do not under value our shipping invoice